Transparency and consistency to processes

TeknowareTeknoware, is a company from Lahti, Finland specializing in lighting solutions. Company’s key competences are lighting systems for public transport vehicles and emergency lighting systems for real estate and shipping.

Teknoware has an operating model that is challenging for enterprise resource planning systems. ”High mix, low volume” production, customer-specific solutions, order-driven production and rapid delivery times place high demands on project managers and the ERP system.

Clarity and manageability for enterprise resource planning

Teknoware uses Roima’s Lean System enterprise resource planning system to manage its order-delivery chain, production planning and product information, as well as to record information on product quality. According to Junttila, the highly developed project management, planning and manufacturing execution system, in conjunction with automated production technology, enables accurate and flexible delivery times.

”Our motto is ’High mix, low volume’, which means supplying a lot of different products in small quantities while maintaining cost efficiency,” Teknoware’s Production Manager Jyrki Junttila explains.

Teknoware praises Lean System for its accessibility and clarity. It is not necessary to run report listing jobs because the required information can be quickly obtained directly from the system in easy-to-use views. It has become easier to visualize and manage the big picture now that orders and work are connected, enabling work for the same order to be prioritized over various load groups. Lean System has also brought transparency and consistency to processes.