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With Roima’s operations management solutions, you can boost your performance, delivery reliability and efficiency and reduce costs incurred by waste. The solutions enable you to react to all changes in production quickly without delay. Simultaneously, you can build trust with your customers by offering them detailed information on the origins of your products and raw materials.

As the leading supplier of operations management systems, we help you choose the right commercial MES platform that produces the best ROI for your investment. Learn more about Roima Roadmap pre-study.

We execute the projects using a standards-based commercial MES platform that best suits the unique needs of your company. The solutions are extremely scalable and meet the needs of both small individual production plants and global multinational projects involving hundreds of production plants. Learn more about our platform alternatives and our customers’ experiences!

Lean System MOM

Do you want to increase your productivity and reaction speed to changes?  Is the available production data scattered across different systems and outdated to begin with?

Lean System MOM (Manufacturing Operations Management) is a versatile operations management solution that has been developed by Roima with special focus on usability to meet the needs for improving production efficiency and increasing productivity. We are proud to be the trusted partner of many successful companies, such as Valmet Automotive, Moventas, and Planmeca.


Schneider Electric’s Wonderware is one of the most-used production system platforms in the world. Wonderware platform is extremely scalable, enabling even extensive multi-plant projects in the process industry. Examples of companies using the platform include Coca-Cola, Nucor, Arla Foods, Valmet Automotive and Apetit.


With Quintiq’s revolutionary Supply Chain Planning and Optimization (SCP&O) platform, you can increase your efficiency at every stage of your supply chain. Quintiq helps you to boost the operations of the entire chain, production planning, personnel optimization, advanced planning and scheduling, resources and processes in one planning environment at all planning levels. Many of the world’s biggest and most successful companies use Quintiq to achieve their business goals, to strengthen their competitiveness and to create new cash flows.


OSIsoft’s PI System is used for collecting, analyzing, visualizing and sharing large amounts of high-fidelity, time-series data from multiple sources to people and systems across all operations. The PI System is used worldwide at over 17,000 locations, helping leading companies to enhance their operative efficiency and to achieve breakthroughs in different industries, such as in the metal and mining industry, power plants, oil and gas industry, paper industry and pharmaceutical industry.

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